Mobile Site. Ready or Not?

In September of 2011, Google released a statement informing website owners that mobile website optimization would affect their keyword quality, thus impacting their Adwords performance.

Google also claimed that most users will not revisit a website from their phone if they had trouble doing so the first time. If your target audience is likely to search on a smartphone or tablet and cannot find your law firm site using the mobile search engine, or your site provides a poor mobile user experience, you risk losing potential clients and referrals.

Does that mean your firm needs a mobile version of its website? If you don’t already have one, now might be the time to look into it.

As your company grows it is vital to show your customers that you can keep up with the times because you are successful. Successful businesses do well for a reason, and that is because what they have to offer is worth purchasing. In turn, this means they have a great reputation and that dedicated customers will want them to have a Mobile application because it will be convenient to have them at their fingertips at all times. Statistics show that 80% of Americans using Mobile devices have a smart phone and that is why Mobile apps are on the rise for recruiting business.

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