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At CheapSafeParking.com we strive for the best customer service as possible. We place ourselves in your shoes so that we can accommodate you with the respect and dignity you deserve. CheapSafeParking.com knows how valuable your vehicle is to you. That’s why before we sign a contract with any given parking lot, we go the extra steps to making sure Your vehicle will be Safe.
Lot Visit
We physically visit each lot to make sure safety is up to our standards. We build friendly relationships with lot owners and employees. The better the relationship with the lot, the smoother and the more pleasant the experience for you.

All lot’s we feature on CheapSafeParking.com have an up to date surveillance system. Before you leave for your trip be it for business, an emergency, or just a family vacation, you can leave knowing your vehicle is safe and always under surveillance.

Lighting Throughout Lot
Without any lights, surveillance cameras are almost completely pointless (unless you have night vision, which is pretty cool!). Lot’s we feature on CheapSafeParking.com are fully lit and/or have light post’s throughout the lot so that you can make your way around with ease and feel safe while doing so.

Having a fence around the lot helps keep unwanted intruders away from your vehicle. Be it trespassers or even critters such as raccoons. A fence is step one in safety and privacy. A Fence coupled along with Surveillance Systems, and Lighting Throughout Lot, Your vehicle is Safe.


14 September 2017

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